Bad Dog. Bad Dog.

Another Sophie post. She has a jaw like a bear trap. That mouth is huge. It’s so strong and big. Did I mention how large her mouth was? Gigantic.

We buy her these balls called Tuff Balls. They are super hard tennis balls, but nevertheless, they don’t last as long as we’d like them too. We bought one for her last week at our new, favorite dog grooming shop, The Soggy Dog (where she got a blueberry facial scrub with her bath). Well 10 days later – this is what it looks like now.

I took it away because she was trying to eat it. And I know she’s eaten worse things (couch, sunglasses, bike pump, chocolate easter bunnies, shoes, pillows) but it can’t be good for her. It’s supposed to be virtually inpenetrable, so I can’t imagine that is good for the intestines. When I told her she couldn’t have it…this is what happened.

Bad Dog. Bad Dog.

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