Yesterday the Casting Director (CD) and Tiny Producer (TP – what unfortunate initals) came to our house to meet Sophie.

It was an utterly exhausting day! They showed up at 11, my hair and make-up weren’t done – but I powered through it. My lame-o friends/family that were supposed to come on that day to ‘interact’ with Sophie but couldn’t make it at the last minute. It was okay though, BF stepped up to the plate and was on camera, even though he really, really, really didn’t want to be.

Sophie was spot on, she was the best bad dog ever! She played up exactly to what we were complaining about. Her fear of everything. Strangers. Buses. Cars. People in their cars. Dogs. Wind. Yes, wind. And we have Santa Ana winds right now, so it makes potty time quite an event.

Sophie greeted CD and TP with a round of voracious barks and her standard hiding. They interviewed BF and I on camera and asked us a ton of questions about Sophie’s behavior. She, all the while, sat next to us and behaved like she was the most perfect canine EVER. Faker.

They followed me around with the camera doing all the things we normally do with her -taking a walk, pooping, peeing, marking her territory. On our walk….Sophie had a freak out, pulled out of her collar and ran into traffic. It was so scary! I had to run into the street and pick up a 50 lb. dog and bring her back to the sidewalk and put her harness on her. My hands were shaking SO badly.

After that, we went to the park where Sophie got into two dog fights in the first 30 seconds. It was ridiculous.

Now we wait. We wait for them to edit everything and in a couple of weeks we’ll meet Victoria and she’ll tell us what bad owners we are. I’m kidding. She’ll teach us to train our puppy properly. Stay tuned.