Earth Hour

This past Saturday Earth Hour was observed around the world, at various times across the globe. It is a global warming awareness campaign where people all over turned their lights off for one hour.

So from 8:30-9:30 this past Saturday I joined in and shut it all off. BF and Sophie were asleep from the sunny day on the water, so I was left to my devices. I gathered up a handful of candles and put them on the coffee table. Sophie was a bit curious at one point, only enough to lift her head in question. (if you look really closely, she’s on the right in the dark, below)

I relaxed, did some of the yoga stretching JMS suggested. It was so nice and peaceful; though my efforts were thwarted by Sophie who wanted to join in. She brought her “steak” nylabone to the party.

I think I could get used to doing the lights off thing on a more consistent basis. I won’t go so far as to unplug things that need electricity but I could do with turning off the lights and either enjoying the dark or tossing on some candles. They create a lovely ambiance and mine smelled quite beautiful. I think Earth Hour might visit my house once a month, minimum. As it turns out, the event was quite a success!
Did you do anything to join Earth Hour?