1 little, 2 little, whole lot of Indians

A couple weekends ago the city of San Juan Capistrano celebrated the annual return of the Swallow to the Mission.

Our float, for the elders, incapcitated and children…it’s a long walk

Waiting, waiting with our new flag

Every year the swallows come back to Mission San Juan Capistrano from Argentina to build their little mud huts along the mission walls. An amazing 30 day, 7,500 mile journey that has forged a bond between the earliest of Natives and this little bird.

The last bend, coming right in front of the Mission San Juan Capistrano

Part of the celebration is the Swallow’s Day Parade, which I participate in as part of my tribe. This year’s weather was great, which hasn’t been the case in years past. Last year it rained while we were in the staging section and the year before was so effing hot, we all got sunburned. The weather plays a big part in crowd turn out – this year, the streets were jam packed. It was fantastic. I can’t wait for next year.

My headdress

One encouraging thing was the turn out for our tribe. There was a lot of people I didn’t know and there were a lot of younger people involved, granted they paraded in jeans. I don’t know if there were emo Acjachemen but it is promising they showed up that early in the morning.