What kind of person are you?

Hello. I only have a quick update, as I am not feeling up to par. 😦 I’m sure it is all in my head with the swine flu pandemonium pandemic that is swirling around, that combined with my taking public transportation has me feeling under the weather.

Over the weekend I went to The Paper Source, one of my favorite places to get expensive neat and quirky cards. When I was clearing out the bag, I pulled the receipt out and took a peek at it.
What kind of person am I? What does this list say about me? HA! Look at the names of those cards. The receipt is fricking hysterical. I love it! And, I went in there to buy one card. ONE! The Gipsy Kings made me do it. They were singing away and I couldn’t leave them, so I stayed, sang and spent.

Cards are hard for me to send. I love finding them; I relish finding the perfect one for each occasion, but I despise the Postal Service so much it pains me to send them. Once I get over myself and my petty issues, I know it is nice to receive a hand written letter.

When was the last time you were surprised or surprised (birthdays don’t count) someone with a nice note?

2 thoughts on “What kind of person are you?

  1. SoMi's Nilsa says:

    I love this post! Because in my quest to do one challenge a month, I have started to keep a running list of the different challenges I will attempt. One of them involves writing hand-written notes to friends just because. It’s a lost art, that’s for sure, and I want to resurrect it!

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