Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

I’m sure you’ve heard, but just in case you didn’t or you wanted to hear it again; Earthquake!


Yesterday afternoon, during our Easter feast (more on my contribution later) we were interrupted by a mild rolling sensation. There was a 7.2 earthquake in Mexicali, just below the Mexican border. It lasted around 45 seconds, which is a pretty long time. Try holding your breath for 45 seconds. Most people can’t even gargle their mouthwash that long.

It wasn’t very dramatic, but quite a few people felt motion sick and it just kept going and going. The family was sitting around the table and some sprawled on the couch when my cousin asked “Are we having an earthquake?” Everyone’s eyes went up to the ceiling fans and chandelier; sure enough ,things were swinging and rocking, sloooowly. I was the only one that got up. My natural instinct to take a head count, make sure I knew where the kids were, look at the exits and any impeding danger/speed bumps. I had enough time to that, walk over to the kitchen, sit back down and stand up one more time. Even writing this, 7 floors up I can still feel the motion, it’s throwing off my equilibrium.

Since the earthquake yesterday and the time of this post there have been 435 measurable quakes. Most ranging in the 2.3-3.9s. Crazy. What the “experts” are saying is that this may be a trigger quake, one that causes other faults to move from the pressure. Ugh. That may mean we are in for some moving here in So-Cal. This is the earthquake map from this morning:

I’m going to go make sure I have bottled water, a flashlight and sneakers handy at my desk. (12 flights of stairs in heels is a no-go for me).