Happy Mother’s Day

To all the mothers it may concern:Have a wonderful day celebrating one of the hardest, most trying and thankless jobs in the world.
I am thinking of the great many women that helped shape my life and the woman I’ve become.
Mom: You are a special person, you are resilient and despite the adversity you’ve overcome you still have a wonderful capacity for love.

This was taken about 6 years ago.

Nina: You are the consummate caretaker, thank you for your love.
Nina on the left, my Mom on the right

Diane: I am lucky to have a step-mom like you. It couldn’t be more natural to have you in my life. I love the bond we share and the values you’ve instilled in me.

Diane, The Midget & Me

Aunt Dede: I’m grateful that we are close and for so many years shared
a mother-daughter bond.

At Disneyland with Aunt Dede

Nana: Though you are gone you are still the most influential woman in my life. I cherish the time I had with you and will not forget the things you taught me.

Nana comforting me, I was so unhappy – must’ve been that awful hair!
Dad: For so many years you had to be both mother and father. You did a great job, I’m thankful you wanted to tackle the job.
Happy Mother’s Day!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Robyn says:

    That's a very beautiful post and Wow how beautiful was your Mum… in all the photos here… and you too… actually everyone pictured here is radiating beauty.best wishesRobyn

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