Beauty is on the outside

This week’s postings are going to be related to the following:

Recently, in the news, there is talk of a commercial that ABC and FOX wouldn’t air. Now if you’ve ever watched either of those channels you know there isn’t much they won’t air.

The ad in question: A Lane Bryant ad; it was for their new lingerie line Cacique. I think the Ad execs said the piece was too racy, too much cleavage. The ad was pulled for Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, until Lane Bryant threatened to pull their ad buy. FOX finally aired it in the last 1o minutes of the American Idol finale.

See for yourself:

My opinion is that those are voluptuous, confident, sexy women. I didn’t see anything different in this ad than the Victoria’s Secret ad that played 10 minutes ago. Well, there are a couple of differences – actual boobs and women shaped like women, not little boys.

It got me thinking about how we see these women and how we see ourselves. I am currently (almost always) going through a time when I don’t feel sexy. I am at the most I’ve EVER weighed. I am not entirely comfortable with my body; especially when I’m naked. I am probably more critical of myself than others would be, but at the end of the day I’m the one that has to live with it (It’s not as if I am spending a lot of time combating the fat either).

I used to be what I would consider skinny. Now granted, I am a grown woman, so I don’t want that same body. But what I do want is a body that is healthy and that I’m comfortable in, not to mention feel sexy in.

What does that even mean? Lose weight? Tone down? Drastic measures? Nothing at all?