The Saga pt. 5

So, I have his number. Do I call? I mean I’ve gone this long with not really talking to him. Do I just wait until next week at the club? I debated for just about a week before biting the bullet. I called. I think he was surprised. The conversation went like this:

BF: Hello?
Me: Hi, it’s Shannon (not wanting to say his name wrong, I just don’t say it)
BF: Oh, Hi. Ummm (shhhing people in the background) can I call you back? I’m just about to do some coaching.
Me: Oh, sure. What kind of coaching?
BF: Soccer.
Me: Ok, well, now you have my number. Bye.

The pressure was off. I said I would call, I did. Now the ball was in his court. Was he going to call back?

Yep! He called. He was SO nervous. I think he asked me what I was doing like 10 times. Then he finally got the cajones to ask me out. We settled on the movies. He was going to meet me there. Meet me there? Hmmm, not sure I like how this is panning out.

(apologies to my readers for skipping a few weeks, I moved and the internet has been intermittent, but I’m up and running. Maybe I’ll post an extra Saga or two during the week. You’ll have to come back and see!)