Saga pt. 6

So I get home from work and then am running around trying to get ready. I have the perfect outfit picked out! I bought some new pants, but where were they???

I called my roommate Candy at work to see if she knew what happened to them. She said she had them, she WORE them. They still had the tag! (Sidenote: For those of you that don’t know the roommate/sister code – you are welcome to borrow any piece of clothing if I’ve worn it or if the tag is off. You NEVER EVER take the tag off yourself) I was livid. It wasn’t the way I wanted to start my evening off. I finished getting ready but before I left I pulled every piece of clothing I had, including my dresser and locked them in my closet. The code was broken, and I had to put my foot down.

I drove into the next town where the movie theater was, it was a chilly early spring night. I walked up to the front of the theater and where was he? Hmmmm. I waited for a few minutes and was getting ready to leave, the movie was about to start in a handful of minutes, he was late. Then he finally showed up.

We decided to see the movie Life with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. It was a funny movie, but we were both so nervous. I don’t think we even talked throughout the entire movie. Not that I would have been able to understand him, as soft spoken as he was with that accent. He still says there was no accent.

When the movie was over I drove him back to his University and that was it. The night was over.