My backyard looks like a movie set

And not in a good way.  Imagine combining Caddyshack with the movie Holes.


Sophie, who I’ve determined is a pit-pointer mix, (contrary to DNA testing) has an obsession with finding the gophers in my yard.  Like OCD obsession; staring at the holes for hours at a time and pacing around the offending areas. I had nice grass in the backyard where the dogs are allowed to go, now I have dirt and holes. And then more holes.  Poor Sophie and Ditto are being kept inside when I’m gone because she can’t be trusted to not dig a crater. I’d hate for her to dig a hole to get out of the yard and get loose.

I’ve read up online about putting the digger’s own poop in and on the hole once you’ve refilled it.  Umm, that didn’t work.  Any other suggestions out there??