So much has happened!!

Hi! I’ve missed you, sorry I’ve been away so long.

SO much has happened, I have a lot to tell you, share with you and get your feedback.

I’ll start with what happened today:

1. My WONDERFUL assistant is gone…today was his last day!  While I will miss him, I am so proud of him and his new job.

2. It was my and 17’s one year anniversary.  Yay us!!  This has been the healthiest relationship I have ever been in.  I am grateful for meeting such a wonderful, loving, honest man.  I cannot wait to start my life with him.

3. I saw on FB that a very good friend of mine, The Prince, is here visiting and didn’t even tell me.  And what’s worse is he’s in a picture with the “TLB” of previous posts.   While I’m sorely disappointed, and I thought he would tell me he was here I’m not as upset as I thought I would be.  But sticking to what I said in previous posts, I can’t be a part of his life if the “TLB” is in his, and that makes me sad.

I have some fire in my fingers and will be updating, asking questions and informing you of all the stuff I was remiss in telling you!