I do, I do, I do

It’s been almost seven weeks since 17 and I got married. Boy, time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

The wedding was great! Of course not all went according to plan but it was hardly noticable.

So, we finally decided on a venue.  We went a completely different route, and rented an estate in Las Vegas. I mean, who doesn’t like Las Vegas?  We had people coming from out of the area, so at least they got a mini- vacation out of it.

We got to stay in the 6,000 sq. ft. home for a week.  We had time to set up and then relax afterward.  The rehearsal, ceremony & reception were all in the backyard.  We had about 70 guests, the weather was beautiful and I am ecstatic that it is over.

I really thought I would be less tired afterward.  I was exhausted. Like completely exhausted.  I will get into more of the details soon!! We are still enjoying the newlywed phase, I’m off to cuddle!




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