A brighter day…

This election season has been brutal. Bru. Tal. Maybe because I’m more of an adult now or maybe there actually is the largest divide between our political parties I’ve ever experienced.

Saturday morning after waiting for days, a winner was projected – a new President. Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. Usurping the one-term wonder Donald Trump.

I felt like I could breathe again, the sky seemed a little brighter, the birds chirped a little louder and my dogs seemed to have more pep in their step.

Of course the announcement didn’t come without prime time drama. Donald Trump won’t concede. There hasn’t been a President in the past 30 years that hasn’t graciously conceded or gentlemanly left the office. Look at this letter from President Bush:

I’m a proud, flag flying Democrat. I come from a long line of Democrats (not to mention Veterans, minorities, and immigrants) who believe in the democracy and what America really stands for (not against). I am married to a Republican. Not necessarily a Trump fan, but a conservative.

We did not watch the debates together. We don’t share news stories – well I don’t share news stories – because we don’t agree. Fundamentally we believe in the same thing – treat people right and stay out of our pockets. We started dating during the last election. His guy won. We learned if it was going to work we had to leave the politics at the door.

I digress, I want to gloat. I want to be as obnoxious as Republicans were when their candidate won four years ago. But, I won’t. I will, however, be vocal about the whiny losing or the dismissal of the facts, or the nonsensical ideology that there was fraud.

I believe the process was followed, and as disappointing as it is to see just under had the country could endorse a racist, narcissistic bigot who could follow a rule if he wrote it himself, I feel any investigation will be unfounded.

I hope the next four years America can come together. We need to heal. We need to let our light shine and be embraced throughout the world again. It’s really telling when nations across the globe ring church bells in celebration to the news of America’s new president. We can only wait and see what happens next, but the current administration needs to accept the defeat, gather whatever class they can muster up and start the transition to the Biden administration.

We just did. 46.

I’ll post more later about my thoughts on our new Madame Vice President-elect (beyond excited). Until then, breathe more clearly, let yourself shoulders down, put yourself feet up and enjoy the light.