Is anyone else tired of his face?

I couldn’t wait until he morning to post this. I didn’t want to forget.

So, is anyone else tired of SNL’s Andy Samberg? I’m up watching tonight’s episode and he just sang “I just had sex” with Akon. I guess his little ensemble is called The Lonely Island. Ugh.

Anyway, maybe I just don’t get his line of humor. I’m sure if 17 was here he’d be laughing his ass off. It’s like that other song that everyone loved “D*%k in a box”. I loathed it. I think SNL is running out of material and that is their filler. I think I’d rather watch a commercial or stage placement. Is this a sign of me getting old? Or is it just he’s not funny?

Lorne, if you are listening, stop letting him con you into putting crap on the air. (Is he your kid?, because that would explain it)


Tell me how you feel about it!

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